Organize Your Finance Mess

Every dealership has CIT issues. From funding delays to missed paperwork allows you to view WHY the deal is not funded.

Quit using white boards or excel spreadsheets to manage your CIT list… Is FREE To Use!

What You Really Want To Know Is WHY The Deal Is Not Funded.

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Check the pulse of your dealership’s finance department with our Patent-Pending Platform.

With you will instantly have the information you need to track and manage your Open, CIT and Funded Lists.

Spreadsheets Just Can’t Compete.

Most dealers waste hours of their day running a CIT report from their DMS and then trying to track down all of the staff that was involved with the deal.

With you will instantly have the information you need. Plus, to contact a staff members click on their name and send them a text.

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Generate Real Time Reports.

Our robust reporting and analytics allows you real time reporting of lenders, staff and managers so you can spot trends and monitor deal flow.

You can quickly run in depth reports by finance manager, lender, desk manager, salesperson and more for complete deal transparency.

Staff Dashboard

Staff members can click on their own dashboard to see only the deals they are responsible for.

If a staff member has a day off your other team members can quickly help out and know what is going on with their deals.

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Time Management

Does your finance department set appointments?

Now your finance staff can manage resigns and customer appointments with our calendar.

You can even send text message reminders to customers and staff so everyone stays on schedule.

Schedule A Demo And See How Will Reduce The Chaos In Your Finance Department.