Are You Tired Of Asking Your Staff…
“What’s Going On With That Deal?”

Manage your CIT List & Heat Sheet From Any Device, Get Your STIPS Via Text Message & Always Know The Status And Who Was Involved With Every Deal.


Every store is the same. Sales dumps the deal into finance expecting them to clean up the mess while your finance department is trying to manage a million things without any tools to help them automate their work.

However, your finance managers have no way to manage these tasks because the deal folders are sitting in a cabinet or scattered all over your dealership and this is costing you money. was developed to help your finance managers communicate and update your staff, your customers and your lenders…

  • Know exactly why a deal is open and which staff members were involved.
  • Quickly communicate with your staff or customers regarding their deals.
  • Manage your open deals from any device 24/7/365.

See how OpenCarDeals is revolutionizing Finance Departments all across the country…

What is

Every dealership has CIT issues. From funding delays to missed paperwork allows you to view WHY the deal is not funded and which staff members were involved with the deal. allows you to view your deals and their status from any device so quit using white boards, writing on deal jackets and trying to figure out what status a deal is in.

How Are Dealers Using

1. Resigns

Let’s say you have a resign and the customer shows up but the finance manager that contracted the deal is busy or off. With the other finance managers can instantly see what is needed and how to proceed with the resign. This will lead to better CSI, quicker resigns and happier customers.

2. Need Stips

How many times do you get a deal approved and then the lender requires proof of income, proof of residence, social security letter or a utility bill. With you customer can now take a picture with their smart phone and text it to you. Once the STIPS are in you can print or forward them to your lender.

3. Get Your Deals Approved Up-Front

When dealing with subprime clients most lenders want to verify proof of income or other stipulations up front before giving an approval. With you can take a picture and text the stip to your inbox and the instantly forward to the lender in less than 30 seconds. Just think how nice this will be to have your deal approved and ready to go to funding before the customer even leaves your store.

4. Track Your CIT

We all know the CIT report you run from your DMS is outdated and rarely correct. You get deals funded at all times of the day and untill somone goes into your DMS and updates this information you never really know where you stand. With when you get a funding notice from RouteOne or DealerTrack you can quickly click a button and you will have real time updated CIT List that is available from any device.

5. Lost Keys

How many times does this happen at your store? Someone loses keys, a plate or even a gas card. With you can send a text message to all staff members with 1 click and have instant communication with your entire store.

6. Meetings & Memos

If you want to send a specific department or team a text message you can do it with Just select the department or team and hit send and your message will go out to only those staff members.

7. Days Off

There is nothing worse than when a customer comes in on your day off and everyone is scrambling trying to figure out what is going on with the deal – With you will instantly know which staff were a part of the deal and what is needed to get the deal ready for funding.

Why Did You Develop

I was at a large Ford store in (Las Vegas) and we were emailing excel files to each desk manager, GM and GSM every day with our open deals which was basically pointless.

When a customer came in to resign, bring in SIPTS or titles no one knew what was going on with the deal and it was very frustrating and time consuming trying to track down everyone so I developed a better way where everyone would know about the deal.

How Will OpenCarDeals Help Me Get My STIPS Faster?

The #1 delay in getting deals to the lenders for most dealers is STIPS.

We all know the salesperson hates chasing for STIPS and the finance manager gets frustrated when they have deals sit in their office waiting on STIPS.

With you can have your customers take picture of their STIPS and text them to you or if they email them you can easily add them to the deal with our 1 click upload button.

With our Patent-Pending Text-Your-STIPS feature you can now get STIPS instantly from your customers and avoid funding delays, held contracts or even get deals approved up front.

  • Receive STIPS any smartphone or tablet in seconds.
  • Your Dealership will have it’s own unique text number that your customers will reply to.
  • When STIPS are received you will see a notification icon next to the deal and the finance manager responsible for the deal will also receive a text message alert.

Pro Tip: When you receive an online credit application submission — request STIPS from the customer right away so you will have accurate information to structure the car deal.
Dealers love this feature because it takes away the hassle of having your customer go home, get their STIPS and come back to the dealership. Plus you can print the STIPS right from your dashboard and put into the deal folder.


How Will OpenCarDeals Increase My CSI?

You want to know what customers hate?

It’s when you call them at 10:00 am and tell them they need to do something for you ASAP – and the only reason you need it done ASAP is because it’s payday or month end.

Customers don’t care about your paycheck or your problems – however if you had a system in place that would send a text message to them reminding them to do something you will probably get them to do it for you.

Having the ability to send a text message to your customers gives you the power to not have to worry about interrupting them during work, calling at a bad time or catching them off guard.

  • Send your customers a text message updating them on their deal.
  • They can text you back and have all of the messages will be in your dashboard and logged.
  • Make your day more productive and not have to leave messages or wait on hold listening to elevator music.
  • You don’t have to give out your personal cell phone number to customers.

Pro Tip: Want instant response? Send this text “Hi John this is Gus from ABC Motors there is something you should know about your car loan…” They will text or call you back in seconds!

Dealers love this because it opens up more communication channels with customers. 98% of all text messages are opened up and read within 2 minutes and when your customers are updated and informed they will give you higher CSI Scores.


What Else Does OpenCarDeals Do?

Generate Real Time Reports.

Our robust reporting and analytics allows you real time reporting of lenders, staff and managers so you can spot trends and monitor deal flow.

You can quickly run in depth reports by finance manager, lender, desk manager, salesperson and more for complete deal transparency.

Staff Dashboard

Staff members can click on their own dashboard to see only the deals they are responsible for.

If a staff member has a day off your other team members can quickly help out and know what is going on with their deals.

Time Management

Does your finance department set appointments?

Now your finance staff can manage resigns and customer appointments with our calendar.

You can even send text message reminders to customers and staff so everyone stays on schedule.

Deal Rotation Log, Dealer Plate Log, Gas Log and Delivery Log can all be managed from

You can even send your customers a text message when their DMV paperwork and plates are ready!


How Will OpenCarDeals Get My Deals Funded Faster?

It’s safe to assume that when customer has taken delivery they think everything is done – but we all know there are a few more hurdles to clear like posting deals and funding.

None of us like to call customers and ask for additional information after they’ve left because you are either going to interrupt your customer at work or have to leave a voice mail and wait on them.

Pro Tip: When you send a STIP request you can also attach a video that explains more about what the lender is requiring.

With now all you have to do is click a button and a text message will be sent to the customer’s cell phone informing them of any additional information that the lender is requiring.

  • Text message with instructions on what do to goes right to their cell phone.
  • We even include a mobile optimized video that explains why the lender is requiring more documentation.
  • All sent STIPS requests are logged so you can manage the conversation and track the progress.
  • Dealers love this feature because it eliminates the wasted time leaving voice mails and trying to get a hold of customers. Plus unlike voice mail or email 98% of text messages are opened up within 120 seconds of receipt and with you won’t have to use your personal cell number to communicate with customers.

How Does OpenCar Deals Help Me With Held Contracts?

When sending contracts to the lenders for funding there is always something in the back of your mind saying. “What did I miss?” or “I hope this deal funds.”

Waiting on your contracts to fund is very stressful because you need this capital to run your business and the old saying is still true… No one watches your money like you do.

Pro Tip: Offer a fastest to fund contest and watch your staff fight to get your money. makes it easy to watch your money and make sure your deals fund quickly.

  • Know exactly which lender, the amount and which staff members are responsible for the deal.
  • View reports and see which lenders have your deals so you can spot trends quickly.
  • Manage your CIT list from any device 24/7/365.

Dealers love this feature because it eliminates running those tedious DMS reports. Once the deal is out of the sales and finance departments they usually forget about them but now you can make sure they follow the entire deal through funding.

Plus, we also include full reporting and Analytics so you can see how many deals you have in CIT status by lender and employee.

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