7 Reasons

Here’s A Few Reasons Why You Should Use OpenCarDeals… Plus, It’s FREE

1. Resigns

Let’s say you have a resign and the customer shows up but the finance manager that contracted the deal is busy or off. With OpenCarDeals.com the other finance managers can instantly see what is needed and how to proceed with the resign. This will lead to better CSI, quicker resigns and happier customers.

2. Need Stips

How many times do you get a deal approved and then the lender requires proof of income, proof of residence, social security letter or a utility bill. With OpenCarDeals.com you customer can now take a picture with their smart phone and text it to you. Once the STIPS are in OpenCarDeals.com you can print or forward them to your lender.

3. Get Your Deals Approved Up-Front

When dealing with subprime clients most lenders want to verify proof of income or other stipulations up front before giving an approval. With OpenCarDeals.com you can take a picture and text the stip to your OpenCarDeals.com inbox and the instantly forward to the lender in less than 30 seconds. Just think how nice this will be to have your deal approved and ready to go to funding before the customer even leaves your store.

4. Track Your CIT

We all know the CIT report you run from your DMS is outdated and rarely correct. You get deals funded at all times of the day and untill somone goes into your DMS and updates this information you never really know where you stand. With OpenCarDeals.com when you get a funding notice from RouteOne or DealerTrack you can quickly click a button and you will have real time updated CIT List that is available from any device.

5. Lost Keys

How many times does this happen at your store? Someone loses keys, a plate or even a gas card. With OpenCarDeals.com you can send a text message to all staff members with 1 click and have instant communication with your entire store.

6. Meetings & Memos

If you want to send a specific department or team a text message you can do it with OpenCarDeals.com Just select the department or team and hit send and your message will go out to only those staff members.

7. Days Off

There is nothing worse than when a customer comes in on your day off and everyone is scrambling trying to figure out what is going on with the deal – With OpenCarDeals.com you will instantly know which staff were a part of the deal and what is needed to get the deal ready for funding.