Manage Your CIT List, Heat Sheet And STIPS From Any Device

OpenCarDeals allows your customers to take a picture of their STIPS using their smartphone and text it to you.

Quit Waiting For Your Customers To Come Back With Their STIPS…

The quicker you get STIPS the faster your deal funds.

FREE For Everyone To Use

Your customers take a picture of their STIPS and text it to your unique dealership phone number.

Higher CSI

Your customer will love that they can go home take a picture of their STIPS and not have to come back to the dealership.

Faster Funding

Your deals will fund faster because the lender is not waiting on STIPS or other documents.

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Centralize Your STIPS In 1 Location.

Our patent-pending platform allows your customers to take a picture of their STIPS and text them to you.

Just think how much faster your deals will fund because you can get your STIPS almost instantly now!

If you need STIPS simply give the customer your STIPS text number or send them a text message. You can even send your customers a video explaining why the lender needs the STIPS.

Our Patent Pending Platform Manages All Of Your Open Deals So You Can Quit Writing On Deal Jackets & Using Post It Notes.

View all of your OPEN, CIT and FUNDED deals from one platform. View which staff were involved with the deal and keep your communication lines open via text messages and internal notes.

Set Finance Appointments

Does your finance department set appointments?

Now your finance staff can manage resigns and customer appointments with our calendar.

You can even send text message reminders to customers and staff so everyone stays on schedule.

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