Instant Communication

Every dealership struggles with missed phone calls, staff days off and communication issues with customers.

Now communicate instantly with your staff and customers with our Patent-Pending Platform.

With open car deals you can easily text your customers and not waste hours on the phone.

98% of all text messages are answered within 90 seconds so why would you waste your time calling customers or leaving voice messages?

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Schedule text messages allows you to schedule your text messages for a specific time and date.

Have a meeting in the morning? Send a reminder text.

Received a funding delay after business hours? Schedule a text to the customer for the next morning.

Manage Your Day

Set up appointments and text your customers and staff reminders.

Keep your day organized and avoid the after work “Finance Rush”.

Watch The Video’s And See What Can Do For Your Dealership!

The good news is that there are now more apps available for iphone users