Everyone Will Use OpenCarDeals.com

Sales Manager

With the ability to view all deals your sales managers will have real time information about the deal and will eliminate them going back to the finance department every day asking about their deals.

Sales Staff

When you need to notify your sales staff regarding a deal you can text message them with 1 click. Eliminate miscommunications and reach them instantly with OpenCarDeals.com.


Your finance managers will now know exactly what is going on with all deals. This is great for resigns and when someone has a day off. You can even set appointments with text reminders for staff and customers.


No one gets paid until the deal is funded. Now you can see in real time why a deal is not funded. Solve problems instantly and have instant information from any device.


Cash Flow is important and your accounting department will know when a deal has been funded without having to access your DMS and running reports.


With our Text-Your-Stip feature you can instantly send Stips to your lenders and get your deals funded faster. It’s as easy as sending a text to OpenCarDeals.com and then a 1 click email to your lender. They will appreciate the speed and convenience of having this information instantly.


Our Text-Your-Stip feature allows your customers to take a picture of their stips with their smartphone and text them to you. This will speed up your approvals, make it easier for your customers and eliminate the salesperson from having to follow your customers home.

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